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Who Trusts the Trustees? (Answer: No One Should)

The concept “trustees of humanity” has attracted repeated criticisms since my 2013 Article appeared. Several commentators brought to mind numerous historical precedents for the disingenuous uses of “trust,” and drew attention to the particular danger of combining it with the concept of “humanity.” These concepts have been invoked to rationalize colonialism and foreign domination. As is well known, the European powers apportioned Africa among them ostensibly for “furthering the moral and material well-being of the native populations,” the League of Nations used trusteeship to justify a new form of colonialism, and the problematic relationship between occupier and occupied under the law of occupation has been referred to as trusteeship.

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The Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights

A Digest of Sources

Prepared for the GlobalTrust Project

By Tamar Ben-Artzi

(Updated February 2015)

1. Books
2. Academic Articles
3. UN Treaty Bodies’ General Comments
4. Additional Documents by UN Treaty Bodies
5. Documents by Academic and Independent Human Rights Experts and UN Special Mandate-Holders
6. Selected Case Law
7. Jurisdiction Articles in Selected Human Rights Treaties
8. Additional Resources

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