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Lorand Bartels: The EU’s Human Rights Obligations in Relation to Policies with Extraterritorial Effects

In his Article, Lorand Bartels examines a rarely discussed but extremely important question: Whether states can by their domestic conduct that has extraterritorial effects be responsible for violating the human rights of persons outside their territorial jurisdiction. This article takes as its case study the EU’s external obligations under EU law. 

See also the Reply by Enzo Cannizzaro, and Bartels’s Rejoinder.

A Global Perspective on the Regulation of Free Speech – Is there a Duty to Weigh the Rights of “Others”?

The controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, published by the Danish journal Jyllands-Posten and the French Charlie Hebdo, raise fundamental legal questions concerning the global reach of laws regulating speech: Should state prosecutors and courts take into account the effects of the speech on those who find it offensive, even if the latter are foreigners who live thousands of miles away?

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